Keeping Our Promises

NBCUniversal remains dedicated to balancing our need to grow our businesses with our commitment to being a good neighbor.

More than $1 billion Invested in Production, Theme Park, Property and Roadway Improvements.

Investing in Our Neighbors - Our Business

Over the years, NBCUniversal has invested $1 billion in new studio production facilities, theme park attractions, corporate offices, campus upgrades, parking, and major street and freeway improvements. These have laid the groundwork for the growth of both the studio and theme park businesses as well as the local economy, while helping to improve traffic flow and protect our local communities.

NBCUniversal Roadway Improvements

Roadway Investments

NBCUniversal Property Investments

Property Investments

Tourism/Production Investments

Neighborhood Investments

2019 Was a Spectacular Year.

Universal has had a fantastic year of box office successes and quality productions. Our lot is active 365 days a year and is committed to telling both stories we love and stories we’ve yet to see while providing jobs and growing the local economy.

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