Property Investments

NBCUniversal continues to make key and targeted improvements to better align our business resources, upgrade our facilities and create room for Studio and theme park improvements and growth. We are always looking forward. Some recent examples include:

Campus Project
Campus Project

Breaking ground in early 2020, this visionary project will transform the Universal Studios Lower Lot into a true campus that builds on the studio’s long legacy of entertainment, innovation, and excellence.

NBCUniversal W.C. Fields
W.C. Fields Dr.

Widened by one lane along the north side of the street from Donald O’Connor Dr. westerly to Universal Studios Blvd.

NBCUniversal Universal Hollywood Drive
Universal Hollywood Dr.

3 lanes added so stacking happens on our property and not on local streets.

Toll Booths

Doubled the number of parking booths on the property to get visitors parked faster and off local streets. 

NBCUniversal Universal Studios Blvd
Universal Studios Blvd.

Widened Universal Studio Blvd. by 2 additional lanes.

NBCUniversal Childcare Center
Childcare Center

Expanded to accommodate almost double the number of children.

NBCUniversal Firestation 51
Firestation 51

Expanded to house a new tiller quint and additional personnel.

NBCUniversal Connector Tunnel

Built a connector to create safer access for our employees to get from our 10UCP building to the Lot, reducing pedestrian crossing on local streets.