Neighborhood Investments

This is our community, and the Community Outreach Team worked closely with stakeholders and residents to identify ways to protect and beautify our community. Dozens of projects were identified and more than $20 million has been committed to improve local neighborhoods.


Whether it be new fencing, or working with NBCUniversal-funded urban planning and landscape architecture firms to design additional beautification projects, the community is benefitting from NBCUniversal investments.


NBCUniversal also values the safety of our neighbors and as part of the Evolution Plan, funds were earmarked for neighborhood protection projects.


Community Organizations Include but are not limited to:

Campo de Cahuenga Historical Memorial Association · Greater LA Zoo Association · Travel Town Museum Foundation

Neighborhood Beautification Plans:

Cahuenga Pass · City of Burbank · City of LA · County of LA · Hollywood Knolls/Manor · Island ·

North Hollywood · Outpost · Studio City · Toluca Lake

Neighborhood Protection Projects:

Burbank · Cahuenga Pass · Hollywood Knolls/Manor · North Hollywood · Outpost · Studio City · Toluca Lake

Barham Blvd. (former off-amp)

Significant donation of plant materials to beautify and improve the former Barham Blvd. off ramp.

NBCUniversal Sound Monitoring
Sound Monitoring

To reduce noise impacts to our closest neighbors we:

  • Monitor from six noise sites within the surrounding communities on a quarterly basis
  • Utilize monitoring information to limit noise travel from the property
  • Installed permanent sound baffling
  • Use event specific sound baffling (i.e. Halloween Horror Nights)

Revitalization of El Paseo de Cahuenga Park
El Paseo de Cahuenga

Revitalized El Paseo de Cahuenga Park with new shaded seating, planted gardens, and added trees and landscaping along the park edges to reduce noise and pollution levels.

Lankershim Pedestrian Tunnel
Lankershim Pedestrian Tunnel

Thanks to a collaboration with the offices of Councilmember David E. Ryu and Councilmember Paul Krekorian, graffiti was removed, new LED lights installed and the Lankershim Pedestrian Tunnel was cleaned and now it is much improved. We look forward to continuing to work with the council offices to improve the tunnel’s lighting and create a sustained maintenance program.